This is a directory of links that I want to feature on this website.

It includes links to friends' sites and other cool stuff that I feel like sharing.

I'll update this every once in a while, let me know if you want your site featured here!


Friends of the Site

on computer games

on pop music

Old Timey Web Portal

space • time • tech

WTF, David Blue?

Extratone Blog

The Psalms aka Bilge


Dave Heinemann


plainoldcheese 🧀

Tom's Homepage

Diffused Ion


New Old Web & Indie Web

New Old Web Portal

Indie Search Engine

Open Source Search

Browser Desktop

Free HTML Websites

Decentralized Socials

MySpace Clone

Plain Text News

Blog Aggregator

Bookmark Collection

Webpage Snapshots

Open Directory Search

Obscure Abandonware

Text-Based Movies

In-Browser Winamp

Music Sketcher

Crude Art Creation


Blogs & Internet Writing


Handheld Underground

The Tripatorium

Retro Pokémon TCG

Pin Eight



Free 2007 RuneScape

Phantasy Star Online

Pokémon MMO

Pokémon Rogue-lite

Halo Custom Edition

Endless Online

Battle for Wesnoth

Super Mario Crossover

LEGO Island

Chip's Challenge


Jewel Thief

Windows XP Pinball

Online Tetris


Marble Blast